Boycott Sacramento


New Website Urges Boycott of Sacramento City Businesses

Sacramento, CA (June 20, 2010)

In response to the Sacramento City Council passing a resolution of economic sanctions against the State of Arizona, former candidate for State Senate District 6, Gerald Klaas, has created a website urging the boycott of businesses within the city boundaries.

The new website,, notes that the City of Sacramento receives a portion of all sales tax revenue collected within city limits.   Followers of the site have decided to boycott businesses within the city limits in order to avoid having their tax dollars allocated to the City of Sacramento.

The new website, has links to several related websites, including the site of radio personality Eric Hogue, which seeks to recall the entire city council.  There is also a link to a Facebook page  "Boycott Sacramento, CA for Boycotting Arizona" which currently has over 2500 followers.  ( )

 In one thread on the Boycott Sacramento Facebook page, Mr. Klaas said, "Since the city will receive almost 1% of any purchase I make within city limits, I'll choose to spend my money outside of city limits.  Maybe the Chevron at 30/K is hurt, but I still bought gas at the Chevron at Fair Oaks and Watt.  Both are local businesses, and my money stayed in the local economy.  Since I don't live in the city, I can't vote to recall the idiots, so I'll do what  it takes to keep my money out of city coffers."

Mr. Klaas said, "It's stupid for a government entity to initiate economic sanctions against ANY other government entity that uses the same currency, whether that be nations, states or localities, everyone using that currency is hurt by it.  I would hope that elected officials would be smart enough to understand basic economics, but clearly  that doesn’t appear to be the case.  I didn't start this fight, nor did I choose the weapon, but I'm in it now, so as soon as city residents get the Sacramento City Council to give up their sanctions, I'll give up mine.  Until then, I'll Boycott Sacramento businesses, and will do everything in my power to encourage others to do so as well."

Gerald Klaas can be reached by e-mail at  or (916) 222-2420.

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